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LL cool J

-The real penny

11/18/04 07:06 pm - Wicked OC Night

"built like a bean pole, curly hair,runs away like a little bitch on his sailboat, leaving nothing but a note for his girlfriend who cried and cried over him, until the fourth of July when she decided she doesnt cry over bitches on boats"- Summer saying how she feels about "Cohen"

Wicked week, so farr. Monday had mcdonalds. Tuesday St.pats basketball game ( lost but was a wicked time). Wednesday ,GIs day saw kirsti; met stephanie and melissa and alexi? saw andrew and lots of others ?, Maltese, Cheerleading, very h/core. Thursday- dollar store , decorating erics locker, passing french and art. TOmorow- Half day, going to cousins, then complex. PURE Wicked. And saturday- going to christmas parade with cheerleaders aat 9:45.

What else can i say other then wicked ?


drives me wild. love it

11/14/04 07:48 pm - greattt month?

I havent updated this journal in soo long!Thats probably just because i have been busy and dont like updating it everyday cuz then i give to many juicy details and it screws me over sometimess. so ill jsut give u and overall update..last week it was pretty alright i had a brutal art exam well not exactly brutal but intense and then i realized no more ART! no more Brianna hugging me and Random beautiful people walking by in the halls and no more nigga music and no more loud annoying people and no more no no no more aRT! this is a devistating tragedy and i am very emotionally hurtt by it. but at least drama is this week.

So i went to see alfie on friday nigth with kelly and jasmin and we thought we had to take the city bus home and were assuming that we would definetly get raped . But jasmins mom ended up picking us up! WOW GUARDIAN ANGEL.. but i think it proabbly would have beeen fun. The movie was amazing . the plot was terrible . Jude Law was the man who made the movie amazing. ME and kelly had a fun night and a fun morning too but regretfully i went home at noonish.

Then i went homme and watched Stepford wives with my cousin and MADE a MASSIVE pre-birthday gift for him with random items like keychain and a massage roller and a crocodile necklace and chopsticks . that night kyle and christian and i were blowing up apples, tomatoes and oranges with firecrackers and we put a waterproof firecracker in a glass of water . the water went flying up like 5 feet into the air it was wicked. p.s i taped the whole thing.

Today i went to cheerleading andd fronted. wicked.

I made my christmas list and it consisted of : Oc Dvd Season 1
The sims 2, The Grim Grotto, CLothes,Oc Mix 2+3 and an editing system?

I dont like the boy anymore. I liek Andrew trush. again. i dont know why i stoped liking him. im a weirdo sometimes.

I sure had a great time at the remmebrance day service freezing my tush off while having like huddling with Jordan and Colin hahah good timess.

The funk family is expanding and im loving it. lots of new members recruited since the wicked bball game playoff occured..

THE OC> wow very good episodes so far. But im not very into the whole Marissa + D.J the yard boy thing. he is so not worthy of the show. as with this new bar tender girl that i saw in the upcoming previews . aparently seth has a thing for her. but im not into it. Seth and Summer need to be back together. And Wow Caleb getting arrested . pretty intense. overall the oc has reached a very high intensity level exceeding season one.

10/30/04 10:36 pm - H to the A to the double L to the O to the W to the double E to the N!

This has been a satisfying week : Thursday i went to the hoito with Katie, Bri, and Karl . Marissa and Savannah joined us . I had some killer pancakes. I WRote with RED ketchup on my pancake : L SQUARED and then savoured it in salt+peppa' .
Then on Friday me and thomas were supposed to be OCers but he betrayed me lol so i took random things from Bri's locker and ended up wearing :

-Emma's blue fabric aroudn my waste
-My aves
- Briannas Cat Slippers and CAt tail
- Cowboy hat?
-Pink fairy wings
- Bauers makeup all over my face : i had orange and blue face paint which was Surreal!

It was beautiful. Thanks to Briannas precious locker

Speaking of lockers that day i had to get mine clamped open by a janitor : REMINDER GET A NEW LOCK

That day i realized "the boy" fancy's several people... not me though

that night i went to fort night with cretch and kyle : pure wickedness Jordan, Stephanie and Christine all scared me then afterwards i saw thomas who was playing the part of a drunk he was like leaning on me and almost pushed me into manoor?

then my mom picked me up after her plane ride home from toronto

Got a Roxy hoodie and A roxy t-shirt! wow

Saturday: Got my hair highlighted and trimmed : with browns and a little bit of blonde highlights, then went shopping and bought some flowers for my hair a belt and rings

Ate chicken wings at East Side Marios :WEnt to See Shall WE dance with my mother : honestly i was the youngest person in the theatre

Supposed to go with marissa, i think im goign with kirsti kelly and others though and Kirsti is goign to bling me over into a wigger-A-fied blinged out daddy! hilarious

still dont know who to go with or what to do.?

10/27/04 09:07 pm - Wheres the love

Wow i went to balsam today hahaha just for the morning to help out and stuffff it was pretty boring but i got to play badminton and just sort of hang around and say hi to teachers

cheerleading:The advantages of being an alternate are : You get to go on the trip, You dont have to really cheerlead as intense as the others , u can still say ur on the comp team cuz u are, you get to hold up signs that say REDMEN and stuf on it

Heres the great poem i wrote to karl:
Walking through the caf

Then i hear a crazy funky laugh

The next thing you know it

The man is hugging me and having a fit

Almost humping then starts thumping

then i turn around and not only see

the creator of them all

a member of the funk family

hes funky and worships the mighty redmen

and has been like this since he was ten

he goes for family portraits

as well with fooootball

he tries to be spirity

by yelling What? Huh? What? Huh? What? Huh?Whats that?

Who you ask is this funky like onions personage?

It is Karl of course !" c'est Do mage"

By L squared


10/25/04 07:09 pm - Wooooooo hooo

This weeekeeend was a blast and i hung out with my favourite person Cretch aka Christian my beloved cousin! oN friday i slept over there and missed CheERleading.. AHh . And we went to dairy queeen and were going to see the grudge, then on saturday we went Vintage shopping At Numerous Places: Furniture REcycle, Value Village, Saly An,and Pawn shops !


-Haunted yellow tape
-Faace painting stick things - which i afterward painted christians face like Gene Simmons of Kiss
- Some classic Huge sort of aviator like sunglasses from VV
-A hot old lady hat from VV

MY COUsin bought a HOT CCM classic bike from VV for 17 bucks and like worships the bike , ITs vintage thats for sure: his crazy neighbour whom we call Scary Movie dropped it off at his house for him

THE REST of the week i just lounged out and watched some movies!


TOday (monday) i was scramming cuz i had to get my french project done in like 20 minutes cuz i miss interpreted the assignment but i managed to do a fantastique job ( notice the french reference adjective)
Then in geography i wrote JAsmin and Lorena a crazy yet funny yet expressive Lsquared letter about them being vulgar hhahaha
Joe made fun of me for it: terrrrible peer helper

The rest of the day was good : i foudn out who i like besides the love of my life hahaha and i told bri and kd....hmmm

10/17/04 09:09 pm - What a weekeneddd

Well , i had two options this weeeknd

1. do nothing during the day and make last minute plans that i wont even have fun doing
2. Hang out with my killer cousin Christian!

So i chose option number 2 and it was hilarious, we made a horror movie on my video camera which was actually tot. fun and kinda sppooky.. we like put a mask in the washing machine and it spinned and stuff it was brilliant. THen we Went To RoNS ya thats right RONS VIRTUAL WORLD... hahah and wee played some serious arcade games for a long time, then we went to go see taxi which was a hilarious movie and i saw haha derek and shane there .... but i hid from them! and i Saw Val WAtts working there and a couple other familiar faces.

Today i went to the CRAZy Value Village to find a costume but i had no idea what i was going to be for halloween so i was clueless, lost in the stores many colours, but i managed to walk out of the store with Blue spray hair colour and a PHAT rokc star blonde crimped mullet.

Soo about the halloween dance costume:

So picture this, a hillbilly thats more modern
BRaids or just naturally wavy hair or ringlets , a brown and beige vintage trucker hat, a white fitted tank top underneath A Red plaid shirt with blue and a off yellow stripes and the shirt is tied up like to the side ?, then orange suspenders, and ripped up fitted jeans with The BEST ACcesorie of all cowboy boots


A green fairy: like from Moulin Rouge , with a sequin covered halter , a tutu/ blue skirt , and fairy wings then painted green ballet shoes with leaves and beads on them and green ears and a pail ghosty face with hair curled: makeup green eyeshadow with extremely long eyelashes and glitter galore

soo im leaning more towards the whole green fairy thing

10/15/04 10:32 pm - The best day of my life

Wow today was a great day, oh yes for sure... we had a crazy french supply teacher .. but karl helped us out of that bad senario by getting us out of class for student's council! Although, Savannah and Marissa arent even on the council , we outsmarted our Crazy Non-French Supply teacher with braces by saying that me and Karl needed them cuz they were the grade reps! hahaa what total bogus! Then for geography i sat with my Wigga friend Lorena:D and we just made up fun of all the annoying people in our class.. and oh boy there is alot.. But once lunch came my life started to get interesting! I went to maltese with Jasmin, Marly,Marissa,Lorena and got a MOTHER sandwich with THE BEST INGREDIENT OF ALL HOT PEPPERS!!III KA RUMBA THEY Were HOT! Then Finallly we had ART and i went to get a drink and saw a really gorgeous person, then i went to get a drink during health and i saw that person again! THEN after i finished the health test i went to the washroom then went to the CAF for about literally half an hour , then some amazing person brought to my attention that , the gorgeous person was in the caf! oh my what a life i live..

SEMI:I know its a long ways from now but I'm wanting to go, MLE said something about having a dress for me:)!

HALLOWEEN: this issue has been stressing me! Waht to be what to be...Well im thinking since i dont want to look to terrible that people will think im a rodent at the dance so I'm not going all out... SOooooo these 4 ideas popped into my brain:

1. Posh Spice - With MRS.BECKHAM on homemade t-shirt
2. A mermaid or soemthing crazy liek that .. i have lots of odd costumes from my previous dance recitals
3. David Beckham- men shorts, homemade jersey, greased hair it can work
4. still working on this idea .. so far blank

Living by these words: Just a figure in a big monoply game


The utter coldness ran down my spine while i was standing on a wet eerie track, with barely 20 people in the stands watching with blankets and mits and hats on.. But I was shivering , exhausted, bored, grumpy, irritable, and dripping in wetness . Then A brilliant mind talked to me in a weird wigga voice. This Head talked to me and said " Yo, Yo , yo ,yo when i say 4 minutes you say 28 seconds" "4 MINUTES"- "28 SEconDS!" "4 MINUTES" - "28 SECONDS".. That is when i looked up at the stands at Sam And Chelsea and i realized why i was in this cold,freezing, terrible, miserable world , FOR A NICE CUP OF TIM HORTONS HOT CHOCOLATE ONLY 10 minutes away!

Highlights of the day- observed from a far at a beautiful person HAHA, had fun?, had mcidies, rapped with Lorena and sang Usher , Saw Kala!, Kelly!!, Simone!, thats all chummmms

10/14/04 07:17 pm - CLiqueee sisters

Wellll this hasnt been updated for a whilee!

Today was fun i got to miss geography with Karl and Stefan for Students council and all we did was tell people about PLAID SHIRT DAY! hahah then eventually i had to return to geography and listen to my peer helper say im the weirdest kid ever! haha and ART was soo much beetter cuz bRianna was Back but she was busy doing homwork, and then EMLEEEE came to visit:!!:!!:!:!:!:! AWW :D And at lunch i went to maltese with Eric And DAniel and then when i came back i got sorta yelled at by my "posse" that i should have todl them or something like that and that i was nothing without them and they weree nothing without me andthat we were like a group and one person cant leave cuz then it becomes a semi-circle ? well that kinda sounds silly dont you think? like i cant go for lunch with other people( espesh cuz i didnt have a lunch and they were willing to pay) they invited me after all its not like my friends didnt have fun at lunch jsut cuz i wasnt there and its not like i didnt have fun cuz i wasnt with them, soo i dont understand and i think its flattereing that they look for me at lunch and stuff but i mean if i wasnt aroudn then i obv. went soemwhere.. but i just dont want to have to tell them where i am every second of the day.. taht seeems kinda "clique" espeshly wehn i feel guilty for hanging out with other people.. but i mean they're just trying to include me into there posse but i just dont WAnt it to bee a posse cuz i want to be able to go with opther peops too.. anyways! I AM dying my hair i dont know what colour though probably A chocolate colour, i've always wanted my hair to be brown but now all of a suden its instyle so it'll be like im just following a trend so now im not really sure! haha im So being david beckham for halloween and then being POSh spice for the dance, but im not sure waht to wear prolly a shirt that im going to make saying "I MARRIED DAVID BECKHAM" lol hhehhe ... I need to make some plans this weekend cuz last weekend i didnt and it was BOorring , until my cousin came to my house for the weekend! welll im offf!

10/2/04 10:44 pm - hmm

well im just chatting on msn right now, talking to people about whos really pretty, so i said Savannah a/nd MArissa were like the prettiest gr 9s and Mytiene said that tons of guys wanna go out with savannah... and that she was the prettiest gr9... hmm i know marissa and her are .. but i had low enough self esteem already, i guess i brought it upon myself.. like R.P will ever notice me out of all the gr9s especially my 2 best mates at Paci that happen to be the prettiest:( hmm not feeling too good
sort of jealous/depressed but then want to be the Laura that doesnt care about being pretty or looking nice. the laura that just has fun and makes funny niknames for people ...dont worry kirsti ill be bak in the spirits to make u a nikname once i start listening to some nigga music ... but yaa its just like when im feeling like this my friends try to cheer me up by saying im pretty and stuf but i mean thats a girls opinion liek that matters at all.. it sure doesnt...hmmm

9/29/04 11:38 am - a day of boring nessss

wow so i wake up and i realize my dad and my mom both went into town to work... sooo in otherwards im stuck at my house all day and have no idea what im going to doooo..... mabes my mom will bring me into cheerleading!? hopefully i dont want to miss it ERR and ihave homewrok from yesterday that i better get a start on that ... wow im probably missing a really exciting day at skool!!! errr o welll i hope im beter soon cuz i WANT to go to skool ,... ahah i sound liek a nerd .. what a boring day this will beeeee
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